Theft vs. PK

Theft must follow these guidelines. These are not exhaustive, but should cover many instances.

1) It is forbidden to attack another player with the intent to stun or PK solely for equipment. It is also forbidden for one character to stun a target to help a thief or vagabond to steal equipment. This will be punished as PK for equipment. The only exception to this rule is if you are recovering stolen goods.

2) Thieves and vagabonds are allowed to target a player for theft without any reason other than the intent to steal. However, they may not resort to playerstun or PK. If a thief or vagabond does not flee after a failed attempt and continues to fight, the action falls under PK rules. Any sort of theft resulting from the combat (such as through disarm) will be punished as PK for equipment.

3) If a thief or vagabond steals items and then PKs the character, the event is considered PK and all PK and looting rules apply.

4) It is forbidden to ICly know which thief stole from you unless you have specific IC information or the character possesses a certain distinguishing item or combination of items. That is to say, if a thief stole your winged sandals, you may not start PKing every single character with winged sandals, nor may you speculate that a certain person did it and consider that good reason.

5) Circumstances in which a thief or vagabond comes upon an incapacitated or sleeping target vary in whether that character may steal or not. It is permitted to take advantage of such situations, but coincidences where the incapacitating character is a friend of the thief will be viewed with great suspicion.

6) All theft (including that by disarm or taking items off of the ground) requires that you wait 20 real time minutes before logging off. You may not hide in inaccessible rooms to wait out this time.

7) Please be considerate with restrings since these are rewards given to the player for good roleplay and have been earned. Restrings that are immediately destroyed will be returned to the owner.

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