THINK/SAY/SAYTO/WHISPER/SHOUT/YELL: Alongside movement in its importance to MUDs is the concept of communication. The ‘think’ command portrays thoughts that float around in a character’s head. ‘Say’ and ‘sayto’ are the most utilized form of communication. It is strictly something said from one person, typically to another. You may also ‘whisper’ to other people in the same room as you, or ‘shout’ or ‘yell’ at them if they are in the nearby area.

PRAY/PRAYTO: ‘Pray’ is another form of communication; a direct line to your deity. The ‘Pray’ command can be used to ICly address all the Gods, while ‘PRAYTO’ is used to address a specific deity.

QUESTION/TELL: The previously mentioned forms are all considered “in character” or IC ways to speak with one another. ‘Question’ and ‘tell’ are “out of character”, or OOC. ‘Question’ was designed so that you may ask the immortals a question you have. ‘Tell’ is a direct line to another character in the game.