Equipment and Merchants


EQUIPMENT/WEAR/WIELD/REMOVE/COMPARE/INVENTORY: As you progress throughout the game, the equipment you find along the way may or may not be better than the type you currently have. The ‘compare’ command allows a player to compare like equipment. Typing ‘equipment’ shows the belongings you are currently wearing. ‘Inventory’ shows what you are carrying at the present moment. If you want to wear something else from your inventory, you would type ‘wear ‘. You would type ‘remove ‘ to do the opposite. ‘Wield’ and ‘remove’ accomplish the same as above, only with a weapon.


BUY/SELL/LIST/VALUE: Typing ‘list’ when in the presence of a merchant selling something will trigger him/her/it to display what is being sold. ‘Buy ‘ will buy something he has listed, or ‘sell ‘ will sell an object to him that is currently in your inventory. You can acquire the value to an object you own by typing ‘value ‘ when at said merchant.