Looking and Interacting with Objects

Here are the basic commands for looking and interacting with objects:

LOOK/READ: Want to see where you are? Type ‘look’. Want to get more description on that cool-looking sword or scary barmaid in the room? Type ‘look sword’ or ‘look barmaid’. The ‘read’ command may also be substituted for look these cases. If you wish to look in a particular direction, which would require you to type ‘look [direction]’. (I’ll give more detail about the available directions shortly.)

OPEN/UNLOCK/CLOSE/LOCK: Let’s say you’ve found a chest. You’ve typed ‘look chest’ and it says that the chest is closed. Try typing ‘open chest’ to see if the chest will open for you. Sometimes the chest may be locked, which would require you to find a key of some sort. Once you’ve found said key and returned to the chest you may type ‘unlock chest’, then ‘open chest’ to gain access to its contents. The converse of the previous commands may also be used. If you do not want people accessing your chest, you could ‘close chest’ and ‘lock chest’ if you have the appropriate key. Note: Chests are but one item that these commands relate to in the game. Doors are another prime example for their usage.

LOOK IN/EXAMINE: Now that the chest has been opened, you probably want to view what is inside of it. The proper command for this would be ‘look in chest’. You may also type ‘examine chest’, which equates to typing both ‘look chest’ and ‘look in chest’ at the same time. Examine can be quite a useful command in the future, allowing you to identify objects so that you may use them to their full potential.

GET/TAKE/DROP/GIVE/PUT: So you’ve looked in the chest and saw that there was a dazzling diamond necklace or a wicked awesome gold battleaxe. To take it out you would type ‘get necklace chest’ or ‘take battleaxe chest’. Take and get are interchangeable commands. Now let’s say that you just realized you’re going through the inventory of the Cranezmorian army and that taking something of theirs is probably not the best idea, ‘put battleaxe chest’ would place the item back where it was. What? That diamond necklace was actually a cubic zirconia? Just type ‘drop necklace’ and it shows up on the floor. You may also wish to pass the necklace on to someone. (Don’t be cheap. Buy a real one, ok?) Typing ‘give necklace [insert character name]’ will give the necklace to that character.