Movement and Regeneration

Another vital aspect of the game is movement. In Cities of M’dhoria, we have six available directions: north, south, east, west, up, and down. In order to travel in a particular direction, you need only type said direction. When in any room, the available exits are listed just below the current room description. In some cases, the direction is surrounded by parentheses like this: north (south) west. North, south, and west are available ways to exit the room, but there is a door to the south that is closed and possibly locked. You must use the open/unlock commands mentioned earlier in this case. Earlier it was also mentioned that by typing ‘look north’ or ‘look west’ you can look in the specified directions to find important information. Another simple command is ‘scan’. Scan allows you to take a quick glance in all directions, but you are unable to see as far as if you’d used the look command instead. One other method of movement is the use of the ‘enter’ command. At times there is a large tree, a well, a swirling portal, or some dense brush that can be stepped into to visit another room. Type ‘enter ‘ for these situations.

SIT/REST/SLEEP/STAND/WAKE: Each character has so many movement points, and when they run out they must rest a bit before they’re able to move again. There are several ways to make sure you regenerate movement (as well as hit points and mana) faster. ‘Sit’ and ‘rest’ are the two most basic. When you’ve finished resting and your movement points have increased, you need to type ‘stand’ before you try to move again. ‘Sleep’ is the quickest way to regain your strength, but you’re more vulnerable in your unconscious state. ‘Wake’ returns you from your slumber.

EAT/DRINK: If you are hungry or thirsty, (and the game will inform you when you are), then your stats will recover at a much slower rate. When you come across food or a place to drink just type ‘eat’ or ‘drink’. Note: You must have picked up the food item prior to eating it, but some drinkable objects don’t necessarily require such.