Skills, Spells, Fighting and Training

TRAIN/PRACTICE/SGROUP/SKILL/MAGIC: Leveling your character on Cities of M’dhoria is dependent upon skill and spell proficiency. You begin with five attributes that you rolled when creating your character, and a set of skills that begin at 1%. (Note: Racial skills are the exception to this, for they begin at 74%.) Raising your attributes makes you more capable at successfully landing specific skills or spells, learning quicker while practicing, and receiving higher increases when reaching a new level, among other things. You may train these attributes to go higher by visiting a trainer and using the ‘train’ command. You are allotted very few trains during a character’s lifetime, so choose wisely where you wish to use them.

Practices are used to grow knowledge in a specific skill or spell, increasing the percentage of how well you are able to execute it. You can see which ones you have at the present moment by typing ‘skill’ for a list of skills, ‘magic’ for a list of available spells and respective mana costs, or ‘practice’ for a combined list with their current percentages. Guildmasters must be sought out to practice these. Skills and spells are only able to be practiced up to 74% at a guildmaster, and then must be cast/used repeatedly in order to attain further proficiency. If you wish to find which guildmaster is able to teach a selected skill/spell, type ‘sgroup ‘ for the information.

MEMORIZE/SPELLBOOK/CAST/FORGET: You must memorize a spell before it can be cast. This is done by typing ‘memorize [spellname]’. A certain number of spell slots are available to you dependent upon your level. Once you fill them, you cannot memorize more without casting the spells or forgetting them. To cast, you type ‘cast [spell name]’ or ‘cast [spell name] [target]’ depending on the spell cast. The forget command works like most others; ‘forget [spell name]’. The amount of spell slots accessible to you can be found by typing ‘spellbook’. The only way to regenerate spell slots is by using the sleep command mentioned previously.

KILL/FLEE/MURDER/CONSIDER: There are many different types of characters in the lands of M’dhoria, and most of the time it’s easy to tell whether or not you can defeat them. During those times you can’t though, the ‘consider’ command may assist you. If you want to initiate a melee attack on another character, ‘kill [character]’ will do so. If said character begins to whoop on you too much for your liking, use the ‘flee’ command to flee from battle. Otherwise, if you manage to stun the character, ‘murder [character]’ kills the person you stunned.