Creating Your Character

So you want to create a character, huh?

Easy enough…

Connect.  The first thing you’ll want to do is establish your connection to the server.  Instructions for this can be found here.  Once you’ve connected, you will be asked “Do you want ANSI color (y/n)?”  This feature allows you to see all the colors of the game… or not, depending on which option you choose.  Typically, using color is the preferred choice, and it may be selected by typing ‘y’ or simply hitting the enter key.

Character Name.  Next, we ask you for your character name.  Real life names like Bob, James, or Tina aren’t acceptable here.  Cities of M’Dhoria is a medieval fantasy roleplaying game, so choose a name which fits within that setting.  Also, using the names of popular fantasy characters like Merlin, Faust, or Gandalf shall not pass.  Be creative.  If for any reason you’re having trouble, or just want ideas, head here for example.  Once you’ve created your name, you will be asked if it is entered correctly (unless it is a name already in use within the world).  Type ‘y’ if you’re satisfied with it.

Next you’ll be asked for a surname or a last name.  You can hit the enter key to skip this if your character doesn’t have a last name.  If you don’t type one in now, you may do so at a later date.  Simply ask a member of staff to assist you with this.

Password and Email.  Password time.  Enter and re-enter your password much like any other form you fill out online.  Afterward, you’ll be prompted to enter an e-mail address associated with this character.  Providing staff with your e-mail address is HIGHLY suggested.  It will only be viewed by the Implementors of CoM (the very top staff members), and it is helpful in retrieving lost passwords and dealing with any other issues that may surface in the future.

Class.  Once you’ve entered your e-mail address (or opted not to), you are given a total of 11 different classes to choose from (knights have an advanced code of conduct and are application only).  Classes range from the magically to the physically endowed, from dirty tricks to casting massive fireballs.  It’s important that you read through the description of each class, as this choice is limited to character creation.  Read more about the available classes in Cities of M’Dhoria here.

Alignment and Ethos.  You’ve picked your class, now what sort of person are you?  Are you chivalrous and kind, or are you cruel and mean-spirited?  Alignment includes good, neutral, and evil – which are very real forces in the world.  Choose the alignment that best fits your character, but be sure you play to the one you have chosen.  Consistent roleplaying of alignment is both expected by staff and your fellow players.

The second part of your choice is ethos.  Ethos relates to how your character behaves in regards to the laws of the land.  Ethos includes lawful, neutral, and chaotic.  Neither good nor evil is inherently one ethos or another.  Good characters are just as likely to be free-spirited vigilantes as evil characters are to be disciplined, steadfast supporters of the law.

For a more in-depth general overview of ethos and alignment, take a look here.

Race.  Next you have race options.  Particular races are available depending on which class and alignment choices you made previously.  Read each description carefully before choosing.  You can find more information about the available races here.

Stats.  Each character has five standard attributes.  These attributes are strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, and constitution. They affect a variety of things in the game, so the higher the better.  Once you reach this point in character creation, you can roll to set your character’s initial attributes.  Note that your character’s race plays an important part in the range of your attributes – some races are generally faster or stronger and so on.  Odds are you will not get a perfect roll on your first try, so continue to roll until you are satisfied with the attributes you’ve been given. By typing ‘n’ you will re-roll for a different result, ‘a’ will give you the average of three rolls, and ‘y’ will keep the stats that you have.

Sex. Easy enough. Pick male or female.

Hometown.  As the other cities have fallen into ruin or been destroyed outright, there is currently the choice of Seria or none – with the exception of Bortuln for the lythren race.  Seria is recommended for those new to the game.

Physical Attributes.  In the following prompts, you’ll be asked to choose hair color, eye color, skin color, height, and weight.  The first three will each provide you with a list of choices to choose from, while the last two give you a range from which to select.  These choices and ranges vary depending on which race you’ve selected.

Short Description. Your short description is what other characters see in place of your name until you have been introduced to them.  It should be a brief description that can be placed in front of the words “is here” to form a grammatically correct sentence. It should not include your name or class, nor should it mention any action, expression or equipment – this is what your fellow characters see when you walk into a room.  Remember that this is called a “short description” for a reason; it is intended to be what another character would see at a glance, and therefore should be neither too informative nor too vague.  For this reason, your character’s gender and race should be apparent in your short description.

For example, say you chose to be a human, male, fair skin, red hair, blue eyes, 6 feet, and 210 pounds.  A basic short description would be “a stocky human man with red hair and blue eyes.”  If you have any questions regarding your short description, continue on with your character creation and speak to a staff member once you’ve finished.

Weapon.  Depending on your class, you are offered a weapon to start with and an increase in the corresponding weapon skill.

New to CoM?  You’re almost done!  This is the stage where we like to know whether or not you are new to Cities of M’dhoria.  If you are, type ‘y,’ as it lets the staff and the players who are newbie helpers know you need a little extra help.  It also grants you access to ask questions on the new channel, as per “new <your question>”.

Yea or Nay?  This is it.  You now have a chance to review everything and make sure you’ve got what you want.  Once you accept, there’s no turning back.  If you’re ready to make your way into M’Dhoria (or the tutorial, even), type ‘y’ now.  Otherwise, ‘n’ will return you back to the beginning.

If you have any further questions, the help files are available during character creation.  Simply type “help <insert subject here>”‘ like help Seria or help avian and the file should pop up for you.  These should be able to provide you with any answer you need before you press that ‘y’ key.  And remember, the staff is here to help!  Just type ‘who’ once you’ve created, look for a member of staff, and send them a tell.

Also note that staff will allow particular things to be changed after creation (such as alignment, hometown, short description, and even your name) but within reason.  Once you are well known in the world, it would be a little odd to suddenly change the nature of your existence.

Good luck, and happy playing!