Roleplaying 101

Roleplaying here on CoM is mandatory. You as the player in Real Life (RL) do not exist in this game; you are not John Q. Average from Nowhere, Oklahoma anymore, nor do you own the latest Intel Pentium notebook. You are expected to be In-Character (IC) all the time you are logged in the game, unless you are in an Out-of-Character (OOC) area where talking about RL stuff is acceptable. Every time you are in M’Dhoria, you are supposed to play your character rather than yourself.

M’Dhoria has a wide variety of character races and classes for players to choose from and then integrate into their chosen path of society. Each city has its own culture, history and background of rulers and wars. Each religion available has a set of tenets that its disciples must live by. CoM has a medieval fantasy setting, so please make sure that your character’s concept fits within the parameters of the game.

Because CoM is a roleplay-enforced MUD, it is very important for you to decide what your character is about at the very moment you create him or her. When you build your character concept, you can start by answering these questions:

  • What does your character look like? Does she have long locks as black as a raven’s wing? Does he have perpetually thinned lips? Is he/she comely or disfigured?
  • To what race does your character belong and how does your character’s race affect his or her outlook in life? For example, the insular siriyu of Gheldale often look down upon others not from Gheldale, even if they are also siriyu.
  • What sort of family life did your character have? Does he or she come from a happy family or a dysfunctional one? Is your character an orphan who grew up abandoned and alone or raised by loving, adoptive parents?
  • What financial/social caste or group did your character spring from? Is your character from the nobility, a member of the rich merchant class, or a poor nobody?
  • What is your character’s class/profession and how is this supposed to affect your character’s interactions with others? For instance, a holy knight will not be friendly with an evil necromancer.
  • What views does your character hold on the religions and gods of M’Dhoria? Is your character devout to a particular religion and god? Or is your character the type who steers clear from the doings of gods and their priests?
  • What is your character’s alignment (good, neutral or evil) and ethos (lawful, neutral or chaotic)? What beliefs does your character hold regarding following laws, killing, stealing, protecting the innocent, etc.?
  • What is your character’s basic temperament? Is your character a friendly creature who can get along well with others or is he/she a loner? Is your character aggressive and values strength more than intellect? Or is your character a person who believes in strategy and tactics more than sheer, brutish force?

Try these as a starter and add your own as you go. Once you have defined what your character is, stick to it and be consistent. The actions of the character should be motivated by what your character’s goals, needs and wants, and not by what you – the player behind the character – wants.

Similarly, your character is likely to change due to the events that he or she encounters and the people he or she meets. Allow your character to grow and evolve based on these experiences. If your dreamy-eyed knight who starts off thinking he is going to right all the wrongs in the world is suddenly wronged by a big and evil dragon, then feel free to make your knight develop a hatred for all these scaly buggers.

Above all, have fun. Having fun in M’Dhoria means creating a character you can roleplay easily and comfortably.

Any special ideas for roleplay for your character or the playerbase can be presented to a staff member for approval.