Surviving the Hazards of Adventure

Mob Behavior
Most mobs will chase if you fight them and then flee.  They will continue to go after you when you are nearby and then attack you on sight if they find you.  They will stop chasing you when they have killed you, someone has killed them, or you are too far away.

Effective Fleeing
When engaging in combat, always be prepared to flee and to continue attempting to flee if you fail the first time.  After that, try:

  • RUNNING AWAY: You should continue walking farther away from the mob until it can no longer catch you.  Mobs give up if you are too far away from them.
  • HIDING: Many mobs will be hindered by hidden, camouflaged, or invisible characters, though it is best not to linger by any mob you have angered.  If you become visible while the mob is present, you will be attacked.  Some mobs are easily able to see through such defenses, so be cautious.
  • COVER:  If you use this skill, mobs you anger will not be able to chase after you so long as you are not bleeding and within their line of sight.  However, they will attack you if they can see you and you walk into the same room.
  • WIZARD LOCK/TEMPORAL QUAKE: These spells will either seal off a room or create rifts in the room that teleport anything that enters away.  You can use these to keep aggressive mobs away from you when they chase.
  • WORD OF RECALL/RECALL: If you are not winded, you can use either the word of recall spell (potions, scrolls, etc) or the recall command to escape combat.

Read HELP MORTALITY.  This is how you will be affected by death.

Ghosts have many benefits such as safety and the ability to see anything their level or lower.  You may want to explore a little while dead.  When you obtain a raise, you may try looking for someone to help you retrieve your belongings if you cannot get there yourself.  If you are a newbie and your items are with an aggressive mob, an immortal will rescue your items when they are online.

If you find something new, try it on.  Check SCORE with or without the item and see if it affects your attributes, hp/mana/move, combat stats, saves, or armor class.  You may find upgrades lying around in many of the newbie areas.

If you die, your equipment will remain where it is until either the game reboots or someone picks it all up.  The game owners usually pick up scattered items that are corpse-shaped during reboots.  Be familiar with where you found useful items so you can recover items you lose.  Try and meet new people since many of them will help you out.

Suggested Low Level Areas
Use an Alandis map to find these places.  Use AREA and HELP LEGEND as well.

  • Serian Farmlands and Forest: Around Seria in all directions, very safe.  All mage characters can be leveled here without sacrificing speed.
  • Goblin Village: Northern road, east at the crude path.  Goblins will murder, but they can be a source of coin.
  • Lightened Forest: Western Road, the chipmunks and opossums are safe.
  • Field of Torment’s Initiates: End of the Northern Road and east.  The Ebon Scourge Temple right ahead can teach nearly every skill, but Meinyos is reluctant to heal good-aligned characters.  The battlefield to the west of the Blacksteel Path is full of mobs you can fight.  Avoid dying here or you can lose all your belongings.
  • Rhohaca Marsh: Just past the sunken Land Bridge at the end of the Southern Road is the continent of Haphen.  Many small swamp creatures live in the marsh just to the east of the path.
  • Qoosan Mire: Head along the path in Haphen.  The farthest south exit will lead into the mire.  Beware of sleeping in front of the nighttime dredglings.