The First Few Levels

Welcome Newblets! Once you’ve left the Newbie Tutorial and found yourself in the Academy square, you might have questions as to what to do. In your inventory will be a handy map to the Academy layout, which will give you some direction around the grounds.


  • INVENTORY/INV: This lists your inventory items.  In your inventory will be a map to the Academy.  You may also have other maps for your hometown (Seria) or the continent (Alandis).  Keep your inventory clear to avoid thieves and reduce your movement costs.  Put items in bags/backpacks or discard them.
  • EQUIPMENT/EQ: This lists your worn items.  Use WEAR to put on an item and REMOVE to remove it.  Removed items will go to your inventory.
  • LOOK: This is how you can look at your surroundings, items, or people.
  • PRACTICE: This shows your skills and what you need to hit your next level.  If you have practice sessions, use them at a practice mob.
  • TRAIN: Used to train attributes.  Use trains at a training mob.  Do not worry about training the “wrong” attribute.  You should aim to max out your attributes as you acquire more items.
  • SCORE: This is a description of your current status.  You can look at attributes (str, int, etc.) when trying on equipment.  Also note your hunger/thirst status.  If you do not eat/drink, you will heal much more slowly and may die if stunned.
  • HELP: The help system provides information on almost everything in the game.  Check the help files if you ever need help.
  • NEW: The newbie channel is an OOC channel where you can ask questions.

These are essential help files for our game.  It is always helpful to read more, but you should start off with these.

  • HELP RULES: These are the rules you agree to follow if you play the game.
  • HELP LEVELING: Description of how to level.  We do NOT use experience.
  • HELP MORTALITY: What happens and what to do if you die.
  • HELP ROLEPLAYING: Some information about roleplaying on CoM.
  • HELP ATTRIBUTES: What the different attributes do.
  • HELP CASTING: For mages to learn how to cast spells.

What to do in the first levels?
You should remain in the Academy until level 6.  Become familiar with the basics of combat and how to level through skills.  While mages can practice some spells, it is easiest to focus on melee skills.  These include weapons (dagger, sword, staff, etc), combat skills (kick, trip, etc), fatalities (gash, smash, decapitate, impale), and armor (wear leather).

Get the items from the trainees and try them on to improve your attributes.

Once you’ve reached level 6, you will no longer be able to use the area with the trainees.  RECALL will move you to the Northern Road outside of the Academy, while RECALL HOME will move you to the center of Seria if that is your hometown.  You can return to the Academy trainers east of the fountain for practicing and training.

Once you’ve graduated from the Academy, you must go forth into the wide world of M’dhoria.  Here are some things you should do:

Explore Your Hometown

  • Get to Seria.  RECALL HOME will take you to the center of the city, or you can head south along the Northern Road where the Academy is situated.  The first things you should locate are the Serian Temple, the Serian Plaza, and the bank.  Use the map of Seria to guide you.
  • Meet people.  By now, you should have developed an idea of how your character will interact with others based on race, alignment, and background.  The Center of Seria is a place where crowds often congregate.  You can often meet people who will help you ICly.
  • Upgrade your equipment.  If you need gold, try the Goblin Village.  Shop items that boost stats cost about 150 silver (plus tax) per stat, so you can guess at which items will help.  Visit Tiania’s along Eastwall Road to start.  Other shops for good newbie equipment are the Serian armor shop, Howl’s Alley, the Trading Post, and the Suicide King Casino.

Explore the World

  • Use the Alandis map to find areas you would like to explore outside of Seria.  The AREA command lists areas and their difficulty and HELP LEGEND explains the difficulties.  If you get lost while exploring, you can use RECALL to return to the Academy or RECALL HOME to return to Seria.
  • Understand death.  Find the Serian Temple and read HELP MORTALITY.
  • Try things on.  Wear them and use SCORE to see what they do.
  • Learn how to deal with danger.  Many areas are dangerous for exploration.  If you see only birds or “cute” animals (forest critters, for example) around, then the area is probably safe.  If an area is infested with orcs, undead, or anything with nasty sharp teeth, proceed with caution.

Leveling Up

  • Some favored leveling areas are the fields and forest around Seria, the Goblin Village, and the Northern Battlefields.  See the survival guide for a list of suggested low level areas for exploration as well as tips on how to stay alive.

Newbiehelp Channel

The newbie helper channel is solely to help our new players as a place where they can ask questions and receive answers on how to play the game. It is not a substitute for finding out through playing the game or reading help files, nor is it a place to ask for IC help. Helpers should defer to those who have the most knowledge about a particular question rather than rushing to provide input.

Use this channel for spam and idle chatter at your own peril.

newbiehelp – Turns the channel off/on
newbiehelp [message] – To talk on the channel