Iskvarren’s To-Do List

This is a list of things that I want to do at some point.  I (and my fellow staff) run on Valve Time, so even if you’re excited to see something, don’t get your hopes up.  Something being here means that it’s under consideration for whenever I can figure out the best way to execute it (and when I can get off my lazy bum).  Or we might just slash it out if it stops mattering.

Last Update: June 21, 2017

In no particular order:

  • A rewrite of Seria.  This means rewriting the street descriptions.  There are city blocks that are empty warehouses from one side, history from another, and white buildings with smoke coming from chimneys from another.  Some particulars:
    • Flatten out Seria.  There are some weird space issues, such as the Casino fitting in one room in the eastern wall and the Peacekeeper HQ going eastward into nonexisting space.
    • Make better use of items.  That means fixing up shops so they sell useful things.  Maybe we have better prop items in the streets for atmosphere.
    • Schedules. Instead of a static Seria, maybe there are street vendors who go around selling particular items at certain times of day, or NPCs that visit the shops to buy things.
    • Quests. Revisit some of the current quests, like the blue orb.  Also possible to work things into the schedules, or have items that are only sold at certain times.
    • Area organization. A lot of the current areas need to be edited so they’re not useless (Serian Weapons, for example, is full of so many useless things).  Others need remodeling, such as the Orphanage with its cow pasture in the middle and the horrible 20+ connection apartment sector.
    • Shop open times. Now that Cranezmore’s gone, it seems like most shops are open during the day only.  This makes it kind of suck if you need to do things like earn money or buy some newbie EQ as a low level character.  Let’s give the place some night life.
  • Specific areas being revamped.  Serian Weapons, Serian Perishables, Corthic Island, Hawkwind Inn, Temple of Death, and the Grand Gardens (new area!)
  • More rewardpool options.  We briefly talked about allowing casters to restring their gate/portal messages with rewardpool, allowing restrings of mounts (provided the player writes the descriptions), and so on.
  • Imm flag/string commands. Would be nice to set some sort of message so we don’t find out too late what we changed…
  • Stalk. It sucks.  I think it’s been replaced for the most part.
  • Combat Revamp.  See this.  So far, we’ve gotten most of the mechanics in and updated most items in game.  What remains is further revamp of combat code, groups, and adding lots and lots of new skills.
  • Summoning Revamp!  Instead of cast spell, cast spell for summoning demons and elementals, I want to make this a little grander.  Necromancer will start off with a Defiled Ground spell that opens up a portal into the abyss.  Demons will be summoned from the portal.  Ultimately, their existence is tied to defiled ground rather than wandering everywhere.  I’d like to add some options for controlling demons (and options for them eating your friends if you are bad at it).  Maybe some demons have specific functions or abilities?  And with the ability for any class to learn any skill including class skills, there may be some new demons that may only be summoned by completing an in-game quest.
  • Finish Racials Revamp.  May need to revisit boring skills like claw, biting, etc.  Quevran and lythren still don’t have new skills.  Each race should have an interesting new battle skill and utility skill.

Done But Not Yet Public List

The work for this stuff is done.  We haven’t updated the public port with it yet, but it’s going in for sure.  The only question is when.  Obviously, some of these changes are going to be watched for balance reasons in case we need to tweak and re-tweak, so post your input on the forum.

  • None!