The One-City Concept

Several years ago, the owners of CoM decided to move the game to a one-city model, where Seria would become the one safe place and the outside world is revamped for danger and adventure.  The reasons for this are many, and although many of the staff were initially reluctant, it soon became apparent that there were many reasons to do it.  Our observations follow:

Hometowns: There were many hometowns in the game before, but we did not have the population to sustain them.  Seria and Cranezmore were the major congregating places, however.  This meant that although Haphen had the hometowns of Qoosa, Kaekryn, Gheldale, and Kraknul, the majority of activity was in Seria or Cranezmore depending on whether the character was evil or not.  A few of the hometowns, such as Gheldale, occasionally had a population of 4-5 players who might hang out there, but otherwise, they were areas that were rarely visited.  As an illustration of how little these hometowns contributed to the game, when Kaekryn was removed, there were only 3 characters from the city and two of them were leveling alts that were not played.  Since the majority of activity was in Seria, one-city aims to encourage that.

Being Serian: One-city doesn’t mean that everyone is the typical Serian citizen of old who was probably good-aligned and hated Cranezmore.  The idea is that Seria will expand to contain many sectors for different populations that may hate each other, and the close proximity will result in more RP conflict.  You can play a character that is from one of these populations.  Nothing is stopping you from being “unique” unless you feel that you are obligated to be boring and Serian.

Interaction: Since everyone would be somewhere in Seria, it would be easier to find others to interact with.  It would be easier to find others to fight monsters with, or to fix your armor, or to be your friend.  Newbies would not have to stumble around forever trying to find someone to talk to.  Thieves would have an easier time finding targets to rob.  Likewise, if the staff wants to run a quest, they do not have to run one for every single hometown.

Conflict:  Conflict was very difficult when people simply went to their own hometowns rather than confronting other people.  A lot of the conflict in the past consisted of things like “I’m a dagahasi and I’m going to walk into Seria where I’m not allowed so people give me a reason to attack them.”  We would like to encourage deeper conflict than simply following the law.  Yes, one-city makes it harder to find a place to be safe unless you have friends, but it does not stop people from causing conflict.  If you would like conflict, you should play a character that is willing to antagonize others.  It will be even more important to make friends to watch your back.

Adventure: Many of the old hometowns, since they were areas that few people visited, will be revamped to become places for adventure.  There will be new quests, new mobs to fight, new mechanics, and new supermobs.  Seria will offer a gathering place to find companions to visit these new areas.  The goal is for every vnum in the world to serve a purpose.

RP: We felt that everything you could do in the past, you would be able to RP in the new Seria.  Building would add areas in Seria that are darker in tone, such as places where even the NPCs make occult sacrifices to their dark gods.  There would be gardens for people to hang around for an afternoon twirling their hair and NPCs living in abject squalor for goodly folks to pity and support.  The only limit is whether players are willing to keep on being creative.  To that end, we can build and code as much as we want, but we cannot make players be creative or simply make up things to roleplay about.

Clans: The new Seria has territories that can be claimed by clans if they hang out in the area or do quests to help the NPCs and gain their favor.  This allows for a Seria where the territory ownership is constantly changing.  Different clans can enforce different rules in their own territories, or use territories as bargaining chips.

The one-city concept is an ongoing project that still requires significant amounts of building and coding.  If you are interested in helping out in an official capacity, look at RP team or the building application.  If you’d rather remain a regular player, we encourage you to make your character as interesting as possible when you RP with other people.  Start your own quests and pursue them.  Go out and fight mobs together.  Go start fights with other players.  If you can humor yourselves, there will be more opportunity for the staff to release updates.